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What if I don't know what to book  for?

No worries I've got you. I have a New Client Menu,  an A La Carte Menu, and a Packages Menu. ​


New Client Menu- If you have never come in to see me before this menu is broken down to a few simple choices and extra time added so we can really dig into what you are looking for.

A La Carte Menu- Services that are offered in single form. You ONLY want a haircut or only an eyebrow wax. 

The Packages Menu- There are a few package menu's to choose out of, the -Haircut & Wax Packages, -Above Shoulder Hair Coloring Packages,- Below Shoulder Hair Coloring Packages, -Pampering & Perming Packages, and -Extension Packages.  All packages come with multiple things, Full Color + Haircut Package...

If you are looking at my colors you will see-

Root touch-up- only for those with an inch or less of grow out and not for new clients.

Full color- a single all over color.

Partial Custom Multi Color- for those who would like highlights and/or lowlights to accent certain areas adding pops of color to the sides and top of the head.

Full Custom Multi Color- for those who want more than one color all over. Full color/Highlights,

Full color/highlights/Lowlights...

Oh No, I have to reschedule or running late for my appointment now what?

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned.

Reschedule easily online up to 12 hours prior to your appointment. Less than 12 hours call or text

701-220-5961 to avoid a no show fee.Canceling, rescheduling, or running late more than twice in a row, a $25 fee will be added to your bill.  

10 minutes late and still not here I will call you to decide  if it still works to continue, reschedule, or adjust the service to keep on schedule. 


Please check out my Terms of Service  page for extra information. 

How Color Is Processed in my salon.?

You will notice something a little different when you get your color done here. No drier is used here to process your color but steam! To keep your hair healthy and keeping/adding moisture, making it shinny and soft, cutting down your processing time but digging the color into the hair shaft better the steam processor is a perfect fit. 

Do you take card?

Absolutely! Cash and card are excepted.


Do I call you to schedule my appointment?

In trying to make booking as convenient for you as possible I take all appointments through my online booking platform fresha. You can book 24-7, even on holidays or at midnight when you may remember after a long day at work. 

How far out do I need to book?

Generally I book out 1-2 weeks but it's always good to check my schedule in case there was a cancelation and you can get in sooner.

Still have questions please feel free to reach out, I want things to go as smoothly as possible for you.

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