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Services & Pricing

I am proud to offer many custom service combinations & options. This is just a small sample of what I offer in salon. If you are a new guest make sure to check out my new guest booking page for more details.

Cuts & Styling







Haircut & Style


  • Haircut does not include any clipper work unless neckline needs to be cleaned up.

  • Haircut & Style- haircut and some styling with a hot tool so they can continue on with their day. 

  • No cut but a great wash & basic hot iron style.

Shampoo & Style              $20+

IMG_1532 (1).jpg

Root Touch Up


Color Services

  • Root Touch Up- if you have 1/2 inch or less of new growth to color.

Colors include a haircut, prices determined on length, thickness, amount of product uses to achieve desired outcome & are subject to change. **Important: to choose the correct (A) or (B) option to allow the time needed.

Full Color

  • A solid all over color or more than 1/2 inch of grow out to color.

  • For above the shoulder hair & would like 2 or more colors.

  • (B) For hair below the shoulder & would like 2 or more colors.

Example: Full color with highlights.

(A) Dimensional Color

(B) Dimensional Color




IMG_1253 (1).jpg

Pampering  Packages

Triple Threat
Treat, Trim, & Tone


Double Tap
Trim & 


  • Get the basics between big services. Includes: conditioning treatment determined by what your hair needs, haircut, toner to brighten & smooth your color.

  • combats seasonal dryness & gives a good refresh including swimmers! Includes: treatment determined by your hair needs & a haircut.

Custom Hair Repair 

  • Need extra TLC? Includes: stripping procedure to remove remnants of hard water/rust/cholrine-or product buildup & treatment needed. To top it off we finish with a trim & style.


Maintenance between color services seals the hair shaft keeping your hair looking soft, healthy,& shiny. 
Pricing is determined on type of treatment needed and amount of product needed for the service.


Waxing Services

Eyebrow Wax


  •  Add some shape to your brows or just to clean them up.

Lip Wax


  • Remove unwanted hair from the upper lip area

Full Face Wax


  • Includes the eyebrows, lip, chin, & other facial areas that need attention.

A great time to also add a Eyebrow Tint to make the eyebrows more noticeable or cover grays.

When booking a color I recommend going to the digital consultation page before booking. There you will be letting me know some important details about your hair so we are both well prepared when you come in. 

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