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Hey Gorgeous,


My name is Jenny

I specialize in dimensional brunette coloring and natural looking grey coverage.

I am a regular chatty Kathy, a working momma with little free time so styles that look fresh & last a couple of days is something I like to share. And having a little snuggle time with my little ones can be the highlight of my day!

         I fell in love with being able to take someones hair and create something different making them feel like a million bucks. Where else can you create something so beautiful making the client feel like gold and make meaningful conversation all day long. I have spent since 2004 making this dream my reality. 

              Fueled by my love to create and a good cup of coffee. When I am not in the salon, I'm spending time with my kiddos playing in the yard, doing kids yoga, spending the day visiting grandma & pappa's, or having the occasional lunch with friends catching up.

As a girl with thick hair myself, I found it hard to find stylist who know what it takes to create a blended cut. Although I pride myself with keeping up with trendy cuts, gorgeous natural dimensional brunette color and beautiful gray coverage blend is my sweet spot and I'd love the opportunity to discuss taking your gorgeous locks to the next level.


"My favorite thing about being a hairstylist is getting the opportunity to not only meet new people but really get to know the people that sit in my chair. To help them get to their hair goal and see the reaction and smile when they see their hair after the process is truly priceless.

If you sit in my chair, plan to find the lost love of your hair again. Let's make a goal, a plan, and get you there."

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