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Let's Get You The Hair You Really Want!

Color Digital Consultation, Terms & Conditions

New Guests:

  • Complete the digital consultation form below.

  • Booking  your appointment: Let's keep it simple. If wanting a color go according to the length of your hair & choose the above or below shoulder section. Note: Full color involves only 1 color where dimensional color involves multiple colors.

  • Extra questions: Head to my Contact Me page for my email address.

First Appointment Includes:

  • Thorough consultation to let me know your desired outcome. I encourage inspiration pictures (Pinterest hair photos) so we can be on the same page when finding your desired color.

  • Color matching or shifting color​ formulations to find what is best for your hair.

  • Fresh color application. 

  • Haircut or trim.

  • Finished style & style tutorial​

The price determined during our consultation based on desired result. Prices are subject to change if extra color needs to be mixed to achieve desired outcome.

Maintenance Appointments:

Usually every 4-8 weeks:

  • Root touch~ just needing regrowth done

  • The Triple T between dimensional color visits

                        1. Treatment 

                        2. Trim

                        3. Tone


  • Re-application of dimensional color & possible haircut

  • Natural looking colors such as balayage color will grow out seamlessly & take longer before needing a retouch.

Color Maintenance :​​

  • My colors are NOT guaranteed if non-professional color safe products are being used at home. ​Certain non-salon brand shampoo's & conditioners will fade color even if they say color safe. 

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