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Root Touch-Up
A one application blending process to blend the grow out 1/2 inch or less with the color you already have in your hair.

Want The Low-Down Of The ColorServices I Do?

You're In The Right Place

Any Color You Recieve From Me Is Formlated Spacifically For YOUR Hair. The Color Used Is Determined Not Only On Your Desired Outcome BUT Also On Your Hair's History To Give You The Best Outcome We Absolutly Can.

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Partial Root - Touch
Like a Root Touch-up covering the newgrowth BUT in selected areas around the hairline & part area creating the illusion that your whole color is done.

Can be done in many forms, balayage, regular foiled, hand painted, full head, partial, or even mini to add lightness around the face. Anytime you add lightening & contrast in areas to the hair. This does not only need to be blonde it can also be adding caramel when you have a darker base color. 

Blended Gray Coverage
Taking gray grow out you currently have and blending it into either the color you currently have or reformulating to achieve the color you desire. Does not only have to be a one color root touch up but can also be dimensional color as well.


Full Color
Consists of applying the same color from roots to ends through the hair. 


Dimensional Color
The process of placing multiple colors in the hair. Examples: highlights-lowlights & full color. Natural dimensional color is using similar tones to make it look as if the sun gave it dimension.

Eyebrow Tinting
The process of taking naturally light eyebrows or gray eyebrows and coloring them so they blend with your hair color or just enough to give you a little color in them, depending on your desired outcome.

Corrective Color
1. A color that didn't turn out quite as planned that another stylist has done or you did at home.
2. It can also be if you wanted to go from, example: red or black to blonde, lightning the whole head to do a bright color...
With a corrective color it may take more than one visit to achieve the desired result you are looking for so we can keep the integrity of your hair. My goal is to not only give you the hair you want but to keep it as healthy as I can in the process.

*All Prices Are Determined By The Amount Of Product Used To Create The Desired Outcome.

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